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The Beard Growth Kit ™ works by activating hair growth in follicles through natural ingredients such as arginine and biotin in our activator serum. The formula of our activator has scientifically proven to be the most effective method of hair growth, and the best option for growing yourself a better, more confident, beard.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Spray twice using the sanitizer to disinfect the micro-needle roller before every usage. It is important to follow this procedure before every application to prevent any form of skin infection.

Step 2:

The Micro-needle roller is a high-tech scientifically tested device used to stimulate hair follicles and the increase of collagen levels beneath your skin. This fosters hair growth through a rise of blood supply in your facial area. Apply 2-3 times a week by gently rolling in the same direction 10 times. It is normal for your skin to look red after this procedure.

Step 3:

The activator serum has proven its´ efficiency in activating hair growth, and has shown a pattern of overwhelming success. The innovative formula containing biotin and arginine will activate new hair follicles, beard density, and hair thickness. After washing your face, apply 1 pump of serum into your palms and spread thoroughly. Repeat this procedure daily, preferably in the morning.

No results? Money back!

We want to ensure 100% satisfaction with our clients.

After 150 days of use you can get your money back if you are unsatisfied. Make sure to document your progress with monthly pictures!


In accordance with the marketing regulations (and Facebook/Google policies), we cannot guarantee results from utilising Beatus Ille products. The affirmations are based on clinical studies, all persons are different and the results from using The Premium Beard Growth Kit vary. Please acknowledge that some men might not see any improvement at all. However, what we can guarantee is that we offer your money back if you do not see any results after 150 days and have followed the entire procedure and instructions.